Rent Contract

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Rental charges are due in advance. Sales take precedence over rental agreements; if a rental machine is sold before or during the time of the rental agreement, another piece of equipment may replace the one that was sold. Credit cards are accepted at 3.0% extra charge.

RATES: Day= 10 machine hours or 24 clock hours, whichever occurs first. Week= 50 machine hours or 7 calendar days, whichever occurs first. Month= 200 machine hours or 30 calendar days, whichever occurs first. There is additional charge for extra machine hours.

HAULING: Customers hauling equipment themselves must have a legal truck and trailer in any state the equipment will be hauled in or through, including the license and permits required to do so. Cooley’s is not responsible for customer truck/trailer failures and the customer is responsible for all damages to machines from negligent hauling. Cooley’s Equipment must be notified BEFORE a machine is moved from a job site. Cooley’s requires addresses for ALL jobsites.

CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Furnish a qualified operator. 2. Perform daily maintenance, oil levels, grease, tire pressure, etc. 3. Customer furnishes all fuel, oil, and lubricants during rental period. 4. Fuel tanks will be full at start of rental. Tanks will be full upon return or customer will be charged accordingly. 5. Rental starts when equipment is picked up or delivered. 6. Rental stops when equipment is returned to Cooley’s Equipment or Cooley’s Equipment is notified to pick rental machine up. 7. Notify us immediately of equipment malfunction or failure. 8. Clean equipment before returning or you will incur a cleaning charge of no less than $100.00. 9. Pay for any abnormal wear or damage to the machine or tires due to neglect or abuse.

INSURANCE: 1.Customer is responsible for all property and liability losses. 2. Customer must provide satisfactory Certificate of Insurance for damage to equipment prior to rental period start.

LIABILITY: I, the undersigned, take full legal responsibility for all personal harm, property, and liability losses which may result in the operation and/or use of the equipment described above, as well as full legal responsibility for all physical damage which may result from this rental or the hauling of the rented machine. I acknowledge that my signature binds me to the terms of this rental agreement.